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The Abortion on Demand Bill has been proposed by Labour Party MP Steve Chadwick, but has not yet been submitted to the ballot.

Why Now?

In June 2008, Lynda Williams, Auckland Women's Health Council, writing for the Women's Health Action Trust's newsletter, reported on comments made by Labour Party MP Steve Chadwick at the Abortion Providers conference held in March 2008:[1]

"Abortion is such a moral and political hot potato it is unlikely that there will be change initiated by any government in the foreseeable future. At the Abortion Providers conference held in March 2008 Associate Minister of Health Steve Chadwick acknowledged that the CS&A Act needed changing but stated now is not the time to change it."

Yet two years later Chadwick stated that she had drafted up an abortion on demand bill.

The Current Situation

Dr. Christine Forster, chairperson of the Abortion Supervisory Committee from June 1993 to August 2001 stated in the media on 5th November 2000 that, ”We do essentially have abortion on demand or request however you like to put it.”[2]


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