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Adele Coble, Florida

Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom

Adele Coble is the grant writer and intern supervisor in Missouri for Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom. She supervise SYRF interns, events and young professional staff, write grant proposals and reports for for the program, evaluate and improve MORCRC infrastructure for graduate work, including personnel policy and suggested fundraising strategies, co-coordinate lobbying events, fundraising events, board functions, communicate with stakeholders through Constant Contact list service, facebook, MySpace, phone and mail, represent Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice at recruitment events, congregational events, manage donor and member database She is the contact person and intermediary for the trainees, for the internship coordinator and the colleagues at the work place with regard to the evolution and the contents of the training period. [1]

Strong Women, Strong Girls

Adele Coble is the SFL Program Manager at Strong Women, Strong Girls which is a program dedicated to increasing the self-esteem of young girls and women.[1]

St. Louis Area Freedom of Choice Council

From January 2007-February 2008 Adele Coble was the president of the St. Louis Area Freedom of Choice Council, a group striving to protect women's freedom of choice. [1]

Faith Aloud

As at 2011, Adele Coble is the secretary for Faith Aloud. The mission of Faith Aloud is "to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion," and was incorporated in 1982. [2]


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