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Alana Marie Chang, June 2011

Alana Marie Chang who also goes by the name Aaron Samuels Chang is an Auckland-based pro-abortion activist.

Opposing Pro-Life Club Affiliation

As at 13 May 2010, Alana Marie Chang was a member and administrator of the Facebook group entitled Anti-choice groups are NOT welcome at University of Auckland. In its description, the group first makes the implication that Prolife Auckland is an "anti-choice" group. It then goes on to make the statement that all anti-choice groups spread mis-information and propaganda. It specifically accuses Prolife Auckland of being a "hate group", and states that Prolife Auckland has accused abortive women and abortionists of being murderers. These statements are all untrue and defamatory. The group's description follows:

"Anti-choice groups cause immense psychological harm to people who are already vulnerable. They spread mis-information and propaganda. They are a hate group who accuse people who have obtained abortions or have helped people obtain abortions as murderers. University should be a safe place. It will not be if they affiliate."[1]

Campus Feminist Collective

As at 21 July, 2010, Alana Marie Chang was an administrator of the Facebook group for the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland.[2]

Strongly Favors Abortion


On 19 May, 2011, Auckland Pro-Choice expressed their support for an "abortionplex" facility being launched. The abortionplex idea was the theme of a parody article published by The Onion (Click here to read the article). The group's president, Alana Marie Chang commented on the article, "if only".[3]


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