Amy Hagstrom Miller

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Amy Hagstrom Miller

Amy Hagstrom Miller (born 1968) is the owner of Whole Woman's Health, an abortion business chain. Miller has two children.[1]


From 1985 – 1989 Miller studied for a BA in International Studies, Religious Studies, Women's Studies at Macalester College. During this time Miller was involved in student groups including The Sirens and The Women's Collective.[2]

Planned Parenthood

In 1989 at age 21, Miller began working for a Twin Cities Planned Parenthood clinic as a receptionist. At this job, Miller stated that she found the work fulfilling:[1]

"I was especially interested in the identity questions (that) women examine when they have an unplanned pregnancy," she says. "It's the big stuff, -- religion, family, life and death -- and the decision about what to do forces the woman to think about what she wants from her life. I wanted to help these women with their ethical conundrums and use the conversations to help decrease the stigma about abortion."

Westside Women's Medical Pavilion

From January 1996 – June 2000, Amy Hagstrom Miller worked as Executive Administrator for Westside Women's Medical Pavilion.[2]

Brookside Women's Medical Center

From July 2000 – January 2003 Amy Hagstrom Miller worked as Executive Administrator for Brookside Women's Medical Center.[2]

Whole Woman's Health

Amy Hagstrom Miller works as President and CEO of abortion conglomerate, Whole Woman's Health.[2]

Of her abortion business Miller states,[2]

"Whole Woman's Health offers unparalleled patient-centered care where the focus is on the whole woman—her body, heart, and mind... As an abortion care provider I believe that abortion is not simply a medical procedure. Whole Woman's Health clinics provide impeccable medical care, generate political activism in our communities, and foster an environment where philosophical and ethical issues are discussed openly. Our commitment to these three arenas-- medicine, politics, and ethics-- forms the foundation for everything we do."


"The first generation of clinic owners saw themselves as outside the medical mainstream. For me, and for Whole Woman, abortion is just one part of women's reproductive lives. I'm not on the frontlines. I simply want to see abortion normalized as a routine part of women's lives."

Lilith Fund

On September 20, 2012 the Lilith Fund was scheduled to host their Ninth Annual Lilith Fund Reproductive Equity Awards dinner honoring Amy Hagstrom-Miller. The event was held in Austin, TX.[3] The Lilith Fund is an organization that raises funds in order to subsidize abortions for low-income mothers. It is a member organization of the National Network of Abortion Funds.[4]


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