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Ann Brady

Ann Brady works as a Nurse/Counsellor at the Auckland Medical Aid Centre abortion mill.[1]

Auckland Medical Aid Centre

Ann Brady works as a nurse and as counselling coordinator at the Auckland Medical Aid Centre abortion mill.[2]

Post-Abortive Mothers "Not Always Honest With Us"

In October 2006, the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) discussed last week whether more study should be conducted into how abortion affects women’s mental health:[2]

“There was a strong positive feeling about the issue at conference,” says president Christine Low. “However, most of the women felt they would be more welcoming of the research proposal if it was broader-based and included all women involved in unplanned pregnancies, whether they have a termination or not.”
The suggestion surfaced from a University of Otago study, which researched the mental health outcomes of women who had had abortions. It was felt the conclusions warranted further investigation, says Ms Low. “We have no idea if women do need more access to counselling or help. Nobody knows. But if a large group of women do have a problem, or even a small group, then the research would be really beneficial.”
Ann Brady, counselling coordinator at the Auckland Medical Aid Centre, feels such research would be a positive thing for both women and counsellors. “It would be absolutely advantageous to everyone in the industry,” she says. Presently all women are offered counselling after a termination, but unless the counsellor really encourages it in a specific case, only a small percentage take it, she says. Ms Brady feels some women feel uncomfortable when the centre calls them down the track to see how they’re doing. “Many have put it as something in the past,” says Ms Brady. “So they’re shocked when we call and are not always honest with us. “It would be really good to see how women do cope afterwards from an independent study.”


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