Arnold Guerrero

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Arnold Guerrero

Arnold Guerrero works as a "lab tech" at A Woman's World Medical Center abortion business in Fort Pierce, Florida. He married to the owner, Candace Dye.

A Woman's World Medical Center

Arnold Guerrero works at A Woman's World Medical Center even though he is not listed in the personnel files and is not licensed. The title given to him for his role at the facility is "lab tech." Guerrero also has the task of picking up the abortionist from a local Wal-Mart parking lot located 4 miles down the road and driving him under the cover of a sheet into the garage attached to the abortion business.

Mopped up Blood Outside Facility

"Lab tech" Arnold Guerrero mops up blood from hemorrhaging patient - Aug. 11, 2012

On Aug. 11, 2012 sidewalk counselors outside A Woman's World Medical Center noted that a post-abortive mother who had left the clinic and driven herself out of the parking lot drove herself back 20 minutes later. Walking up the ramp to the front door, she dropped her keys. When she bent over to pick them up, she hemorrhaged a large amount of blood, and then left a trail of blood behind her all the way to the door. “Lab tech” Arnold Guerrero, who is married to the owner of the facility, Candace Dye subsequently attempted to mop the blood off the sidewalk. The mother left the clinic again after a half hour, again driving herself out of the parking lot alone.[1]

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