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Auckland Pro-Choice


The group is run by Tove Partington.[1]

Accusing Prolife Auckland of encouraging member's suicide

Auckland pro-choice kristy.png

On 4 May, 2011, the organization stated on their Facebook page,[2]

"Affiliating today in the quad, 1300. Be there, we need the numbers. We will also be passing a motion to prevent the Pro Life's club affiliation on the grounds they contributed to Kristy's poor mental state and encouraged her suicide."

Strongly Favors Abortion


On 19 May, 2011, Auckland Pro-Choice expressed their support for an "abortionplex" facility being launched. The abortionplex idea was the theme of a parody article published by The Onion (Click here to read the article). The group's president, Alana Marie Chang commented on the article, "if only".[3]


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