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Beverley Morris

Praised Dame Margaret Sparrow

In a special feature in the May 2011 newsletter of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand entitled "Honouring Dame Margaret Sparrow", Beverley Morris made the following statement honouring the former abortionist and president of ALRANZ:[1]

"I would like to pay tribute to Dame Margaret Sparrow for her unerring integrity, clear communication skills and her continued passion to promote women’s right to abortion under their own conditions.When any issue on abortion arises, Dame Margaret gives a succinct and educative response to the media, whether press, radio or TV, and for this leadership we are extremely grateful. Dame Margaret is both an activist and thoughtful speaker with a strong grip on medical theory and practice and she represents New Zealand at international conferences with distinction. My first contact with Margaret was when she was Student Health doctor at Victoria University and for many years I was a member of Wellington branch of ALRANZ. We often had meetings at her home, and

I admired her devotion to her family and also the breadth of her leisure activities which added to her personal character."


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