Caitlin Dunham

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Caitlin Dunham

Caitlin Dunham


Dunham is finishing her Honours degree in Classics at Vic, with an undergrad in History and Classics.

Student Women's Rights Officer

Dunham served as Women's Rights Officer at VUWSA from July '09 - Sept '10, and currently serves as National Women's Rights Officer for the NZUSA.

Meetings with Morgan Healey

In March 2010, Dunham met with Dr. Morgan Healey, ALRANZ to "discuss involvement with Women's Fest".[1]

In August 2010, she met with Healey to discuss an upcoming Action for Abortion Rights meeting.[2]

Coat Hanger Project

On 12 May 2010, ALRANZ co-hosted a screening of the Coat Hanger Project with Caitlin Dunham, Women's Rights Officer at Victoria University for Women's Fest. This was followed by a panel discussion with Jackie Edmond, CEO of the Family Planning Association, Margaret Sparrow, Steve Chadwick, Labour MP, Kerryn Baker and Hadley Watson, students at Victoria University. Dunham hosted this panel.[3][4] Dunham's meetings with Healey focused on organising this event.[5]

Mothers For Choice

As at 5 August, 2010, Dunham was listed as "liking" the Mothers For Choice Facebook page:[6]

No More Jumping Through Hoops Protest

On 5 October 2010, Dunham attended the No More Jumping Through Hoops Protest outside the Court of Appeal in Wellington.[7]


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