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The Campus Feminist Collective


Facebook Group Administrators

As at 21 July, 2010, the following were administrators of the Facebook group for the organisation:[1]


"Attacks on Choice" Event

Participants at the "Attacks on Choice" Event

On 23 July, 2010, Janet Roth, Communist League and Toni Haraldsen, Campus Feminist Collective attended a meeting organised by the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland which was entitled “Attacks on Choice". Speaking at the event was Tom Baumann, a leader of the Young Socialists from the United States.[3] The following stated that they intended to attend the event: Zannii Anderscum, Caroline Fergusson, Gabrielle Ch-, Soraiya Daud, Nicole Maree Wallace, Miriam Williams, Natasha Lewis, Juliet Thomborson, Matthew Goode, Tove Partington, Toni Haraldsen.[4]


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