Charles A. Alutto

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Charles Alutto

Charles A. Alutto is the President and CEO of Stericycle.


Alutto joined Stericycle in May of 1997 and has been working there ever since.[1]


Charles received a B.S. degree in finance from Providence College and a M.B.A. degree in finance from St. John’s University.[1]

Professional Career

Since 1997 Alutto has been working for Stericycle in various leadership roles.[1]


Alutto has served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Stericycle since January 2013 and as a director since November 2012. Alutto became an executive officer in February 2011 and served as the President, Stericycle USA. He previously held various management positions with Stericycle, including vice president and managing director of SRCL Europe and corporate vice president of their large quantity generator business unit.[1]

Aid to the Abortion Industry

As Stericycle,'s CEO, Alutto is the individual that Stericycle's clients and suppliers approach to obtain answers regarding Stericycle’s service to the abortion industry.[2]


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