Christine Forster

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Christine Forster

Abortion Supervisory Committee

Christine Forster has worked as a member of the Abortion Supervisory Committee. The Committeeoversees abortion law and practise in New Zealand. This includes licensing abortion mills, and appointing certifying consultants.


As at 10 May 2011, Christine Forster served as deputy chairperson of the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology.[1] The Committee exists to consider and determine applications for assisted reproductive procedures or human reproductive research. The Committee reports to the Ministry of Health.[2]

NZ has "abortion on demand"

Dr. Christine Forster, chairperson of the Abortion Supervisory Committee from June 1993 to August 2001 stated in the media on 5th November 2000 that, ”We do essentially have abortion on demand or request however you like to put it.”[3]


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