Christopher Purdy

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Christopher Purdy

Christopher Purdy works as the president of DKT International, a company which sells contraception pills and devices around the World. He is also the president of Carafem, an abortion business based in Washington, D.C. that commits chemical abortions up to 9 weeks LMP.[1][2]

DKT International

Christopher Purdy began working for DKT International in 1996 when he worked as Communications Advisor atDKT Indonesia. In 1997 he began working as Country Director for DKT International Ethiopia. In 2000 he began working as Country Director for DKT International Indonesia. Leaving this position in 2008, Purdy then became Managing Director at DKT International Turkey. In 2011 he moved to the Washington, D.C. headquarters for DKT International, where he began his role as Executive Vice President. Then in November 2013, Purdy took over as president after Philip D. Harvey stepped down from that role.[2]

Purdy has also served on the board of DKT International since March, 2003.[2]

In 2013 when serving as Executive VP, Christopher Purdy received compensation of $494,785 from DKT International.[3]



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