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Daniel McBrayer

Daniel Enoch McBrayer is an abortionist working at the Alpha Group Gyn P.C. abortion business, located in Marietta, Georgia.[1]


McBrayer attended the Medical College of Georgia from 09/15/1972, graduating on 06/10/1976. He was licensed by the State of Georgia as a medical doctor on 08/17/1977. His license number is 18697.

He was certified as a specialist in gynecology by the American Board of OB/GYN.

As at Feb. 6, 2012, he had hospital staff privileges at Atlanta Medical Center and Northside Hospital.[2]

Involvement in Death of Abortion Patient

October 10, 1989, 27-year-old Catherine Pierce died in a nursing home in Tennessee from abortion complications that had left her comatose since March 11. She left an 11-year-old daughter motherless. The abortion was performed at Atlanta Surgi-Center, which had at one time also done business as "Northside Women's Clinic," and was performed by Daniel McBrayer.

Catherine had gone into cardiac arrest while left unattended in recovery after her abortion. State officials alleged "serious problems" after Peirce was injured. They cited this National Abortion Federation facility for administering "the same anesthesia dosages" to patients whose weights ranges from 107 to 167 pounds, inadequate record keeping, and inadequate supervision of patients.[3]

State investigators indicated that they'd been turned away the first time they'd tried to inspect the facility, and were forced to stage a raid in order to obtain the records needed to investigate the mishap that later killed Catherine. The clinic complained that they'd only turned the state investigators away because they'd failed to display badges and a subpoena. They also complained to the press that the raid was "political harassment" due to the fact that an anti-abortion activist had complained to the state about the facility.

Among the patient care problems cited, the investigators also said that they found discrepancies between the number of fetuses sent to the disposal lab and the number of abortions performed. In 1989 Atlanta Surgi-Center had logged 1,748 abortions, but had only sent 155 fetuses for disposal. In 1988 they had logged 2,774 abortions, but only sent 155 fetuses for disposal. In 1987 they logged 1,104 abortoins but only sent 306 fetuses for disposal. The investigation into fetus disposal was prompted by local prolifers reporting that they had seen hundreds of fetuses in the clinic's dumpsters. Dr. Gay, the clinic director, denied the allegations.[4]

Committed Illegal 2nd-Trimester Abortions

On or about March 31, 2000, McBrayer was investigated by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Office of Regulatory Services in conjunction with an investigator with the Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners regarding McBrayer's performance of second trimester abortions at his abortion business, AB Services. During the investigation, McBrayer admitted in writing to having performed second trimester abortions at his facility. Performance of abortions after the first trimester in a non-hospital setting or in an unlicensed abortion facility is a violation of Georgia law. McBrayer further admitted that he had not filed certificates of abortions as required by Georgia law.

Beginning on Sep. 3, 2001, McBrayer's license was placed on probation for a period of two years. McBrayer was also ordered to pay a fine of $5,000.00 to the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners. He was also ordered to complete 20 hours of CME in the area of ethics within 12 months of Sep. 3, 2000.[5]

Arrested after Punching Woman in Face

The Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper reported that on October 5, 2009,[6]

"McBrayer got out of his red sports car at the intersection of Abernathy and Roswell roads apparently upset that the woman ahead of him had been driving too slowly. He walked up to her car, uttered some choice words and struck her in the face, police said. McBrayer drove off, but not before she got his tag number... The woman was treated at a hospital and released. McBrayer, who is charged with simple battery, turned himself in two days later."

McBrayer's car was a 2009 red BMW 335i convertible.[7]


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