Emerson Bell

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Emerson Bell

Emerson Lovett Bell (BA, CFP, MA) works as a personal financial advisor. He previously worked as director of the Fairmount Center abortion business in Dallas, TX.

Fairmont Center

As at June 27, 1983, Emerson Bell worked as director of the Fairmount Center abortion business. The business was founded by Curtis Boyd in 1973.[1]

"Some Abortion Doctors Fearful"

Emerson Bell director of the Center said doctors in some areas fear offering to perform abortions because of local attitudes They want someone to test the waters without risking their own medical he said Once a clinic gets established it He said he tried several years ago to open a clinic in a Central Texas town he would not name First I couldn't find a real estate agent who would help me Then I couldn't find a property owner who would lease us space he said. He said a family planning counselor who helped him re death threats.[1]

Halvorson-Boyd & Bell, Inc.

Bell entered the Financial planning industry on Jan. 1, 1984. He joined the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors on May 28, 1991. He works for Halvorson-Boyd & Bell, Inc. Fee ONLY Financial Planning was founded in 1983. The business provides comprehensive, fee only financial planning to help individuals identify their financial goals and make them a reality. Each investment portfolio is individually tailored to the client's specific situation.[2]

The office is located at 2305 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75201, phone: (214) 871-7600


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