Eve Ensler

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Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler is an American playwright, performer, feminist, and activist.

Planned Parenthood

On May 9, 2013, Eve Ensler was the keynote speaker at Planned Parenthood - Mid and South Michigan's annual luncheon.[1] The luncheon was held at the At the Troy Marriot Hotel, 200 E. Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI. The luncheon was protested by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society[2] and Crusaders for Life.[3]

Stop Patriarchy

In August, 2013, Eve Ensler made a donation to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride which took place in Texas and was organized by Stop Patriarchy. Ensler also made the following statement of support to the event:[4]

"The near-daily laws restricting women’s right to abortion, the chorus of Republicans belittling rape and shaming women, and the whole future they are aggressively fighting for are terrifying and an attempt to push us back to the dark ages. It is a state of emergency. Forced motherhood is a form of violence.
But we must not be paralyzed by fear or sleepwalk in denial. WE MUST RISE.
I am proud of throngs rising in Texas. I am proud of the women and men who will be traveling from both coasts and down the middle of the country in this summer’s Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. I urge all to follow their daring and rise with them to reclaim our lives, our bodies, our own reproductive decisions, and our futures. There is no time to waste.”


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