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The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance is a feminist organization at the University of North Texas that was established on August 16, 2011.


FMLA started as a small group in August of 2000, by Jessica Terlikowski, Isabel Ferry, Rachel Burlage, and Kathleen Thompson, originally called the Women's Collective. Meetings were held in the Women's Center on campus. Kathleen Thompson was the original President. Around 2002, the group became affiliated with the Feminist Majority Foundation, and was renamed the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.[1]


As at 2010 the following made up the leadership of the alliance:[2]

Support for the TEA Abortion Fund

poster for burlesque fundraiser

In 2005, a handful of FMLA officers were involved in the founding of the TEA Fund. FMLA is still very much involved with the non-profit, and usually hosts annual meetings about TEA Fund.[1]

On April 16 2010, FMLA held a burlesque show as a fundraiser for the TEA Fund. FMLA also participated in the TEA Fund's 2010 bowl-a-thon fundraiser.[3]


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