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The Elston Ave facility of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group (aka Albany Medical Surgical Center) is located at 5086 N Elston Ave, Chicago IL 60630 and is an Illinois-licensed Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center. The facility commits medical, first trimester and second trimester abortions.


Unidentified Workers

The following is a group of photos of clinic workers who remain as yet undentified:

Documented Emergencies

March 2004 - Possible Death

Ambula1 2.jpg

In April 2005, Operation Rescue obtained photos that revealed a possible abortion death at the facility in March, 2004. The photos, sent by pro-lifer Ric Dugan, Director of Infants Rights Campaign, showed a patient completely covered with a sheet being loaded into an ambulance outside the facility. The ambulance arrived and left without lights or sirens and no clinic employee accompanied the “body.” Pro-lifers reported that the abortionist on duty that day was either Edward Steven Lichtenberg or Rudolph Muragne.[6]

February 12, 2005

Sidewalk counselors witnessed an ambulance arriving at the facility on February 12, 2005. They stated that the abortionist was a man from Quebec who got into the ambulance with the victim. Reportedly, it was his first day on the job at the facility. It is unknown if the victim survived.[6]

Nov. 8, 2012


On Nov. 8, 2012 sidewalk counselors with the Pro-Life Action League observed an ambulance driving down Carmen Avenue and turning into the clinic alley to the back door of the facility. a stretcher was brought out of the building through the alley door and placed in the ambulance which was then driven away. Clinic escorts attempted to block the sidewalk counselors from taking photos of the incident by dancing, weaving and shouting obscenities. They waved their arms and put their hands in front of the camera, making comments such as, “I wish I was your granddaughter so I could sneak in and poison your cookies.” Or, “Your mother should have aborted you.” “You are a predator, a bottom feeder.” A clinic escort hit one of the sidewalk counselors on the arm.[7]

State Inspections

As at Jan. 25 2012, the last time the Illinois Department of Public Health had inspected the facility was December 1995.[8]

Contact Details

  • Address: 5086 N Elston Ave, Chicago IL 60630
  • Phone: 773-362-5465
  • Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm; Sat: 7am – 3pm; Sun: closed


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