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Artist's impression of the Supercenter

The Fort Worth Abortion Supercenter is currently being built by Planned Parenthood of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas.


The new Abortion Center is being built at 6400 John Ryan Drive, immediately adjacent to the Gladney Adoption Center - a large adoption agency. The clinic which is being described as a “state-of-the-art” facility, “will include a larger family planning center, an ambulatory surgical care center and offices.” The center will serve both as an abortion clinic, and new headquarters for Planned Parenthood in Fort Worth. Construction began in late March 2012 and the facility is set to open in 2013.[1]

PPNT states,[2]

"This state-of-the-art building will replace Planned Parenthood’s existing Fort Worth medical and administrative facility, which is neither large nor modern enough to accommodate the needs of the growing Tarrant County community. The proposed facility in Fort Worth will be a new structure three times the size of the current one to provide the space, equipment and services needed by the community’s growing population."


Footage of Construction Progress as at Sep. 15, 2012

Capital Campaign

The PPNT Capital Campaign board is overseeing the funding of the construction. Cost of construction is estimated at $6.5 million. Heading up the Capital Campaign are:


The general contractor on the job is The DeMoss Company.[4] CEO Jim DeMoss also has ties to Planned Parenthood. Demoss's wife Margaret served as Fort Worth co-chair for the Capital Campaign which raised the funds for the new building.[3] Sub-contractors include:

  • Gray Henry with Cerine Management, LLC (phone: 214-316-0734)[5]
  • Double Eagle Electric (phone: (817) 572-0391, email:[5]
  • Tri Dal Ltd.[5]

Contractors Leave the Project

An article on the Texans for Life Coalition website states,[6]

"Sources say DeMoss failed to inform his employees what kind of facility they were building. When they found out, he allowed Planned Parenthood to warn them of violent extremists, angry protesters, and the threat of bodily harm, leaving them shaken but committed to staying on the job.
...It wasn’t until he was given the address of the new Planned Parenthood site that Tim Pulliam of Pulliam Concrete [a major subcontractor] realized he was on that very job, and scheduled to pour in the morning. He immediately pulled his men and walked away, followed by Tri-Dal, Phillips Electric (saying “We’d rather walk than have anything to do with a job like that”) and other subcontractors. Rone Engineers, founded and run by a Catholic, will do no additional work on the site.
...A protester holding a sign bearing the face of an aborted fetus last Wednesday reported that a worker leaving the site pointed to it and asked, “Is that what we’re building?” When she replied that it was, he said, “I’m done, I’m not coming back. I’m pro-life so I won’t be working this job anymore."

DeMoss Comapny told News 8 that a few subcontractors had dropped out "due to religious objections," delaying construction by one to two months.[7]

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