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Frederica Aalto

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood

Frederica Aalto, MA was on the Board of the Directors of Six Rivers Planned Parenthood for 2008. [1] Frederica Aalto was involved particularly as the Public Affairs Committee Chair. She presented the Maggie Award at the Choices Breakfast to long-time volunteer, Don Avant. She also gave presentations on international population and family planning programs. Frederica Aalto is also listed as a donor and member of the Heritage Society for several years. [1] In Fall 2008 she offered a course, titled "Word Population: Past, Present, Future." [1]

Family Planning Advocacy

Frederica Aalto has had experience in the population and family planning programs around the world. She attended a United Nations Family Planning conference in Cairo, Egypt in 1994 and traveled to Afghanistan to educate about family planning in 2003, which was covered by the North Coast Journal. [1] She also appeared on a panel, "Health of Refugees and Displaced Populations" at the sixth annual Stanford University Bay Area International Health Conference in February, 2004. [1]


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