Graham Desborough

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Graham Desborough

Dr. Graham J. Desborough


Various individuals in the industry have confirmed that Desborough has operated as an abortionist at the Auckland Medical Aid Centre.


Graham Desborough went to Kelston Boys Highschool from 1965 - 1970. He received an M.B. Ch.B. in Medicine from the University of Auckland Medical School.[1]


Graham Desborough has worked in the following capacities:[1]

  • Locum G.P., Te Kuiti Medical Centre (June 2012 - present)
  • Medical Consultant, Ashley and Martin (July 2011 - present)
  • writer, Roco Ltd (Sept. 2005 - present)
  • Owner/manager/medical practitioner, Panmure Surgery, Ltd (Dec. 1982 - Aug. 2005)

Certifying Consultant

As at 11 November, 2009, Graham Desborough was a Certifying Consultant in Parnell, Auckland. Certifying consultants have the job of approving or disapproving a mother being permitted to have her pre-born child killed by abortion.[2]


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