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Gill Greer

Dr. Gill Greer

Working for Ministry of Health

In 2001 the Ministry of Health established "a sector reference group with a broad representation" which will advise and consult on areas of sexual health services and policy. As at July, 2001, the members of the reference group were: Dr. Pippa MacKay, Dr. Rick Franklin, Kevin Hague, Pania Ellison, Ingi Hayward, Fuimaono Karl Pulotu-Endemann, Olivia Tusa, Alan Flemming, Gillian Tasker, Catherine Healey, Nigel Dickson, Gill Greer and Kitty Flannery.[1]

As a part of the initiative, the Ministry of Health also released a document "outlining the overall strategic direction for sexual and reproductive health" which contains 5 key points:

  1. sexual and reproductive health services as a public health service
  2. provision of a comprehensive free specialist sexual health service close to the community
  3. sexually transmitted disease control to ensure that at-risk groups have access to effective education
  4. disease control of HIV/AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease
  5. an emphasis on effective and available services for Maori, Pacific and young people.

Though not stated, item 1 (sexual and reproductive health services) will include abortion.

Family Planning Association

Greer has worked as the Executive Director of the New Zealand Family Planning Association, with a staff of 300 people, and IPPF Member Association.[2]

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Greer has served as Director-General of the International Planned Parenthood Federation since 2006.[2]

Women Deliver 2010

Greer was scheduled to appear as a commentator in a panel at the Women Deliver 2010 Conference, entitled "Addressing the Controversies in Reproductive Health and Rights" on 19 Oct. 2010.[3]


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