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Guttmacher Institute is a research institute that was founded in 1968 under Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The data collected by the Guttmacher Institute provides information on sexual activity, contraception, abortion and childbearing. [1]


The Guttmacher Institute was started in 1968 by Alan F. Guttmacher, who was the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) at the time. It was originally called the Center for Family Planning Program Development. After, Guttmacher's death in the mid 70s, it was renamed in his honor. [2]


Board Alumni Association

As of March 2012, the following were part of the Guttmacher Institute's Board Alumni Association.[3]

Board of Directors

As of March 2012, the following were on the Guttmacher Institutes Board of Directors: [3]


As of March 2012, the following worked for the Guttmacher Institute. [3]



Public Education

Public Policy


Senior Fellows


In 2011 the following contributed to the Guttmacher Institute:[3]

Individual Donors





Government and Multilateral Agencies

Foundations and Other Nongovernmental Agencies


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