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Helen Clark served as Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 - 2008. She currently heads up the United Nations Development Programme.

Praised Dame Margaret Sparrow

In a special feature in the May 2011 newsletter of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand entitled "Honouring Dame Margaret Sparrow", Helen Clark made the following statement honouring the former abortionist and president of ALRANZ:[1]

"Margaret Sparrow has been a champion of women’s right to choose throughout her professional life. She has provided outstanding leadership to ALRANZ for decades.Women’s rights and status in New Zealand would be much the poorer without Margaret’s strong advocacy. In being prepared to stand up and be counted on issues of such importance, Margaret has been an inspiration to many of us in our own lives. Like many New Zealanders, I am highly appreciative of Margaret’s support for sexual and reproductive health rights.Thank you, Margaret!"


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