Helen Gjessing

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Helen Gjessing

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

For her contribution to the RCRC, Helen Gjessing is listed in the "Thank You for Your Support" page at the end of RCRC's 2009 Annual Report. She is listed under the Beacon section, as Ms. Helen Gjessing. [1] Gjessing is also listed in the "Supporters" page of the 2010 Annual Report, under the Candle Lighters section. [2]

H.R. 358 - Protect Life Act

Helen Gjessing donated $250 to Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, a Democratic from the 1st District of Hawaii, who voted No. Gjessing's donation is listed as "Women's issues." The bill was sponsored by Joe Pitts and was "to amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to modify special rules relating to coverage of abortion services under such Act." It passed the House 251-172 on October 13, 2011. [3]


Helen Gjessing is listed on Huntington Post's Fundrace, which shows she has donated to Emily's List on numerous occasions. She has also donated to pro-abortion candidates. [4]

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Helen Gjessing has done much work in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, where she lives and teaches. She is known for being an environmental activist there and has had an "Island Profile" featured in St. Thomas Source. [5] Gjessing has "Emeritus" status at the University of Virgin Islands-St. Thomas Campus, where she retired in 1999 after teaching biology for thirty-four years. [6] In 2010, Gjessing also as given the first "Connie" award from the National Wildlife Federation. [7] Gjessing has also spoken at the League of Women Voters United States Virgin Islands. [8]


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