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Jump to: navigation, search is an abortion business run by abortionist James Pendergraft. The business is affiliated with the Orlando Women's Center which refers patients to[1] The business operates out of Integrated OB/GYN Services, located at 7610 Pennsylvania Avenue, #305, in Forestville, Maryland.

About claims to have "cared for women from all over the world who have found out there is a serious problem with their pregnancy because of a medical problem that prevents them from continuing the pregnancy without it affecting their health or their life." They state that they have "a small but experienced staff of medical personnel and physicians, with the most advanced medical equipment and medications available."[1] states that it seeks to "do its best to protect patients, medical staff, other personnel and its physicians from the possibility of intimidation, harassment, attack, or murder from those individuals who do not agree in privacy, the doctor-patient relationship, or a woman exercising her right to choose..." and that, "for the sake of the safety and privacy of our patients and staff... we do not publicly reveal our office address or the identities of our medical staff or physicians... The only reason that we are taking these steps with which is a legal, tax paying entity, with credentialed and experienced medical staff and licensed physicians, is to keep harassment and the potential for harm to a minimum."[1]

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