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Istar is a limited liability company (LTD) and a charitable trust with tax-exempt status that imports the abortion drug, RU486 into New Zealand.


In the 2009 financial year Istar received income of $198,663 from selling the abortion drug, RU486.[1]

Istar's office is located at 8 Brathwaite Street, Karori, Wellington.

Istar's Protocol for RU486

The Istar protocol for early medical abortion up to 9 weeks is an early diagnosis by a GP with swabs, smear, blood tests and ultrasound. Counselling and certification are as required by the CS&A Act. There would be three mandatory visits. On day 1 with administration of Mifegyn, approx 3% will abort before the next treatment. On day 3 there is administration of prostaglandin (misoprostol or gemeprost). Observation takes place for 4-6 hrs, during which 60-80% of women will abort. Others will abort at home. The third follow-up visit will verify that expulsion is complete. In the unpleasant event of an incomplete abortion an ultrasound is arranged, and if a foetal heart is detected , the woman progresses to surgery. If there is a sac but no foetal heart the options of waiting or progressing to surgery are discussed.[2]


As at 19 December 2007, the following were officers of the company:[3]


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