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Jacqueline Plumez, PhD.

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

For her contribution to Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights, Donna Garber is listed in the "Thank You for Your Support" page at the end of RCRC's 2009 Annual Report. She is listed under the Beacon section, as Dr. Jacqueline Plumez. [1] Plumez is also listed in the "Supporters" page of the 2010 Annual Report, under the Flame Tenders section. [2]

Career Counseling

Dr. Plumez specializes in career counseling and is also a psychologist, as well as a speaker and a journalist/writer. She practices in Larchmont, NY and in Manhattan. She won significant awards in 1990 and 1993 as a psychologist. [3]


Plumez has written several books, including "Divorcing a Corporation", "Mother Power," and "Successful Adoption: A Guide to Finding A Child And Raising A Family." [4]


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