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Jane's Due Process was founded in 1999.


Jane’s Due Process claims to be the only organization to ensure legal representation for pregnant minors in Texas. Their stated goal is,

"For every pregnant teen to know that she has the right to seek legal representation, to be treated with respect and sensitivity by those who work in the legal system, and to participate in legal proceedings where everyone is interested in following the law."

Of their organization Jane's Due Process states,

"Over the years we have helped thousands of girls make safe and informed choices about how and when to become a parent, guiding them through the obstacle course of the “judicial bypass” process. Texas is a safer place for pregnant teenagers because Jane’s Due Process exists."

The core of Jane’s Due Process is its toll-free legal hotline and network attorney program. Although most clients call the organization for help with a judicial bypass, they also provide legal information, representation, and referrals for teens who wish to carry to term and for any other legal issue related to a client’s pregnancy, such as emancipation, protective orders, and violations of the Title IX right to an equal education. When pregnant minors call the Jane's Due Process hotline, they go through a short screening process and are then referred to a clinic for a sonogram and pregnancy options counseling. Jane’s Due Process requires all clients to meet with a counselor to discuss their situation and explore all of their pregnancy options. Often, there is no other adult with whom the girls can have this important conversation. If clients still want a judicial bypass, they call back to the hotline and are put in touch with one of our network attorneys. The training and resources provided by Jane's Due Process to its network attorneys result in a 98-99% success rate in judicial bypass cases.[1]

Call Statistics

The following is a list of statistics from all callers in 2011:[1]

Previous Pregnancies:

  • 21% had been pregnant before.
  • 11% were already mothers supporting at least one child.
  • 7 minors who called were already supporting more than one child.

Age of callers:

  • 64% were 17 years old
  • 26% were 16 years old
  • 8% were 15 years old
  • 2% were younger than 15

Race of callers:

  • 43% were Latina
  • 24% were Anglo
  • 21% were African American
  • 4% were of Asian descent


Jane's Due Process has relationships with:[1]

These organizations "regularly call Jane's Due Process for assistance."


Board of Directors

As at 2011, the following served on the board:[1]

Legal Advisory Board

As at 2011, the following served on the Legal Advisory Board:[1]


As at 2011, the following worked for the organization:[1]


As at 2011, the following foundations supported Jane's Due Process:[1]


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