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Janet Roth

Personal Life

Janet Roth is the daughter of Bert and Margaret. She has an older brother, Martin who lives in Melbourne.

As at 2002, Roth was a factory worker in Auckland and lived at the same address as Mike Tucker.


While at high school in the early 1970s Roth became active in socialist & women's liberation movements. She was involved in a women's group opposed to the Vietnam involvement and was member of several early feminist groups incl Auck Women's Liberation & the Woman's National Abortion Action Campaign.[1]

University of Auckland

In 1973 Roth was one of 6 Young Socialist members elected to the University of Auckland Student Representative Council. From 1973 - 1979, she was the leader of University of Auckland Feminists.[1]

On 8 March 1974, as a member of the Socialist Action League, Roth addressed the international women's day forum, organised by University of Auckland Young Socialists.[2] On May 10 - 11, 1974, she spoke at Young Socialists educational conference on "how women can win their rights" at Victoria University.[3]

On Jan. 21, 1983, Roth wrote article for SA on abortion[1]

"Attacks on Choice" Event

Participants at the "Attacks on Choice" Event

On 23 July, 2010, Janet Roth, Communist League and Toni Haraldsen, Campus Feminist Collective attended a meeting organised by the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland which was entitled “Attacks on Choice". Speaking at the event was Tom Baumann, a leader of the Young Socialists from the United States.[4] The following stated that they intended to attend the event: Zannii Anderscum, Caroline Fergusson, Gabrielle Ch-, Soraiya Daud, Nicole Maree Wallace, Miriam Williams, Natasha Lewis, Juliet Thomborson, Matthew Goode, Tove Partington, Toni Haraldsen.[5]


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