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Jazz Connasey studies at the Geology Department, University of Otago.[1] She is understood to be 24 years old and married.[2]

Pro-Abortion Position

Around early January 2011, Connasey wrote the following,[3]

"You have to pay for abortions in your country?! Ours our free. (New Zealand) Also why didn't you go halves in price? Then he could've gotten you a present. Also, 450?! Is it a gold-plated abortion or something. Ever heard of a coat hanger?"

On 1 March, 2011, Connasey wrote the following regarding ultrasound scans,[4]

"Ugh, this hardly rates a news item. Not offering is merely being tactful. If a woman wanted to see it, they’d ask. BTW the opposite frequently happens- I’ve had ultrasound scans for two abortions with my husband present in the room. The operator doesn’t look properly at their sheet, and just assumes you’re another baby mill and brings up the live feed on television. Vomit. Not to disparage your gender but why are most anti-abortion activists male? You’ll never know what it feels like to have some damn invasive parasite growing inside of you. You can feel it. I imagine it’s a similar feeling to cancer. They are the most skin crawling disgusting little alien peanuts to look at. Again, vomit. If you take away my right to do what I will medically, I will use a coathanger. And I am not afraid to put my real name on this post. Eat my fetus bitch."


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