Joan Shields

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Joan Shields

Personal Life

As at 2003, Shields was still living in Christchurch.


In 1978, Shields was a supporter of the Woman's National Abortion Action Campaign in Wellington. This was stated in an article she wrote on the new abortion law in Victoria University's Salient Magazine.[1]


Socialist Action League

On 12 November, 1976, Shields, a member of Gay Liberation addressed Wellington SF on "sexual politics"[2]

In 1978, Shields, womens lib reporter, addressed the Young Socialists' National conference in Wellington.[3]

In January, 1980, Shields was a contributor to a Socialist Action League booklet, "Lenin or Stalin - which way for the NZ Communist Party".

Socialist Action Magazine

On 10 February, 1978, and 23 February, 1979, Shields wrote articles for the Socialist Action League's Socialist Action Magazine. On 1 May, 1981, Shields of Hastings, wrote that proposed cuts in ACC are opposed by HB Labour candidate Mike Cullen[4] On 23 April, 1982, Sheilds wrote an article entitled "British Fleet Threatens Argentina". On May 7, 1982, Shields wrote an article entitled "Why workers should support Argentina" On 13 August, 1982, she wrote an article accusing "Unity" (Jul 8) of slandering the Iranian revolution. On 21 January, 1983, she wrote article on the Islington dispute.

Communist League

In 1992, Shields, a Tomoana freezing worker aged 35 was a Communist League candidate in Christchurch Local body elections. An article in The Press on 19 September, 1992 contained a blurb for her mayoralty:[5]

"I am campaigning against the wars in Iraq or Yugoslavia being planned by the United States and its allies. This war drive is the central issue facing working people today. I stand in solidarity with working people in struggle from the revolution unfolding in South Africa to union fight-backs in New Zealand and elsewhere. The fight for jobs is central to the struggles breaking out among working people who face the employers' attacks on wages and living standards."

She also demanded a 30 hour week for 40 hours pay, affirmative action to overcome race and sex discrimination and cancellation of the Third World debt.

NZ/Cuba Society

In 1995, Shields was the Christchurch contact for the NZ/Cuba Society.


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