Joanna Spratt

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Joanna Spratt

Joanna Spratt

Family Planning Association

Joanna Spratt has worked as Manager of Family Planning International for the Family Planning Association.[1]

Population Action International Workshop

On November 16, 2006, the Asia Pacific Alliance, in conjunction with Population Action International hosted a regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand "to discuss the status and future initiatives regarding reproductive health (RH) supplies in the region." Attending from New Zealand were Jackie Edmond, Joanna Spratt, Karyn Ammundsen and Maria McMillan. The New Zealand participants shared that,[2]

"While there is a good range of RH supplies available in their country, any new type of contraceptive is very difficult to get approved and therefore, make available, because of the strict regulations on drugs there."


As at April 2008, Joanna Spratt worked as the manager for New Zealand Parliamentarians on Population and Development.[3]


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