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John Tait

Dr. John David Tait works at his pregnancy clinic at Level 9, CMC Building 89 Courtenay Place Te Aro, Wellington.

Certifying Consultant

As at 11 November, 2009, Tait was a Certifying Consultant in Wellington. Certifying consultants have the job of approving or disapproving a mother being permitted to have her pre-born child killed by abortion.[1]

"John [Tait] was co-founder of Fertility Associates in Wellington and still practices here. As well as his private obstetric and gynaecology practice he is a specialist at Wellington Hospital, and the Clinical Director of their Women’s Health Service."[2]

Co-authored article on First Trimester Abortion

In February 1998, Margaret Sparrow, John Tait and Peter Stone authored an article entitled "Vaginal Dinoprostone Versus Oral Misoprostol for Predilatation of the Cervix in First Trimester Surgical Abortion" in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Volume 38, Issue 1, pages 64–68, February 1998[3]

Abortion Supervisory Committee

In May 2003 the Abortion Supervisory Committee appointed a technical committee to advise it on the use of mifepristone for medical abortion in New Zealand. The technical committee was asked to develop guidelines and report back within three months. John Tait provided additional advice to this sub-committee.[4]


As at 11 December 2010, Tait was an officer of Istar, a limited liability company (LTD) and a charitable trust with tax-exempt status that imports the abortion drug, RU486 into New Zealand. [5]

Endometriosis NZ

As at Aug. 20, 2014, John Tait was a member of the Endometriosis Special Interest Group which serves as an advisory board to Endometriosis New Zealand.[6]


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