Jon O'Brien

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Jon O'Brien

Jon O'Brien is the president of pro-abortion group Catholics for Choice. O'Brien was born and raised in the Republic of Ireland.[1]


O’Brien has worked to strengthened communications and advocacy efficacy and policy development on five continents, working with family planning associations, doctors and nurses, prochoice advocates, nonprofit leaders, and policy makers to develop new ways to promote access to abortion. Decision makers, including members of the United States Congress, UK House of Parliament, state legislators in the US, members of the European Parliament and of national parliaments across the globe, call upon him to articulate the prochoice, Catholic perspective to inform critical policy debates.[1]

Irish Family Planning Association

O'Brien has worked "on the front lines of reproductive health provision at the Irish Family Planning Association."[1]


O'Brien has worked as a program manager at the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s European Bureau in London, where he oversaw the establishment of family planning clinics in Eastern Europe during a time of immense political and social turmoil.[1]

Catholics for Choice

Jon O'Brien began working for pro-abortion group, Catholics for Choice in 1996.[1]


O'Brien has received the following awards/honors:[1]


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