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Kay Lavill

Kay Lavill has served as National Treasurer for ALRANZ and worked as a nurse at the Family Planning Association clinic in Porirua, Wellington.


Kay Lavill has had a long professional interest in family planning and reproductive health as a nurse and clinical tutor. She has worked in Primary Health Care for over 28 years, specialising in contraception and sexual health. Her roles have included, teaching Post Graduate Studies for Nurses and GP’s, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety, and Research at Massey University in Palmerston North. She works two clinical sessions a week at Massey University. Lavill states that she developed an interest in Women’s Health and abortion issues after nursing patients who had suffered trauma following illegal abortions and Cervical Cancer. Lavill has a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and a Diploma in Adult Education.[1]

Study on Condom Use

In Dec. 1993, Margaret Sparrow and Kay Lavill published a study entitled "A Prospective Study Of Condom Use In Family Planning Clients". Number four of forty-six points of condom use states,[2]

"Use a condom every single time you have intercourse. There is no "safe" time with regard to transmitting disease and many unplanned pregnancies occur because condoms are not used every time."


At the 2007 AGM, Lavill was elected as Treasurer of the pro-abortion Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. She replaced former treasurer, Jan Riach on the Committee.[3]

NZ College of Practice Nurses NZNO

As at March 2010, Lavill served as the Treasurer of the Wellington Division of the NZ College of Practice Nurses (NZNO).[4]

National Cervical Screening Advisory Group

Lavill serves as the Nursing Representative on the National Cervical Screening Advisory Group.[1]

Family Planning Association

Porirua Clinic staff (from left): Sandie Morris, Kay Lavill, Gill Tait, Kartryna Porter and Kythie Morris

Lavill works as a nurse at the new FPA clinic in Porirua, Wellington.[5]


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