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The Reproductive Justice Fellowship is a program of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.


Law Students for Reproductive Justice launched their Reproductive Justice Fellowship in 2010. The fellowship is for "current 3Ls and recent law school graduates interested in working to advance reproductive justice through policy advocacy." In the 2010 -11 year, LSRJ placed six Reproductive Justice (RJ) Fellows with six organizations in Washington, D.C.. The RJFP is intended to enhance capacity at reproductive justice organizations working to influence law and policy and to build a pipeline for future reproductive justice lawyers. The RJ Fellows are each paid $50,000 plus benefits and placed with placement organizations in Washington, D.C. for a year-long program (running August to August) that includes mentoring, professional development, training, and networking opportunities.[1]

The Women and the Law Program at American University Washington College of Law serves as the academic home for the program. The Washington College of Law provides the fellows with access to WCL facilities and meeting spaces, research support through access to the law library and research databases and participation in events, conferences and lectures hosted by WCL. The fellows assist the Washington College of Law by providing panel speakers about current topics in reproductive health, rights and justice, mentoring and networking with current law students and participating in academic conferences.[2]


The following is a list of individuals who have participated in the fellowship. The organization listed after each name is the group that individual was a fellow with.


The following were fellows:[3]


The following were fellows:[4]


The following were fellows:[5]


The following are fellows:[6]


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