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Lena Glover

Lena Glover is a prochoice feminist activist from Denton, Texas.

Studies & Goals

Regarding her introduction into feminist activism, Glover wrote:[1]

"In my search for college, my two biggest factors were a Women's Studies department and a feminist organization on campus. Lucky for me, the UNT's feminist organization is, for whatever reason, one of the largest in the country. I fell in love when I checked out the website and saw all the amazing pictures. People with signs, people marching, people having fun and giving a shit. When I visited college in December of 2003 with my grandparents, I met Dr.Sandi Spencer, and it was so ackward talking about abortion rights in front of my pro-life grandparents, but it was so strong you could probably see the light lit under me from our conversation...
I came to UNT and in my first class I sat next to a previous officer and my teacher was the advisor. You know it's meant to be when. I got involved in the feminist organization when the fall started. I also got involved in SAVE (the safer sex educators on campus, before they got the boot), Men Against Violence, and the Texas Equal Access Fund, right when it was just starting, before it was a recognized organization. The TEA Fund I must say has been the most pivotal in my experience with activism. The feminist organization had an extremely large affect of course, but as far as organizing goes, I learned most of it from the best, Gretchen, the leader of the TEA Fund. We've brainstormed and organized fundraisers, we've started everything from scratch. From the TEA Fund we splintered and formed a Clinic Support Coalition with many pro-choice groups around the D/FW area. I've been a board member of the Texas Equal Access Fund since the beginning, and still proudly serve as one." (Read more about Glover's work with the TEA Fund)

On her blog Glover states of herself,[2]

"I started getting interested in Women's Studies when I was 17. One of the first feminist books I ever read... was Gloria Steinem's Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions... She became my hero and I wanted to be a journalist... My heroes are my Women's Studies teachers, who I have admired every one of, as well as a few teachers who teach other subjects. One of my first classes at college in Summer II of '04 was Dr. Kimi Lynn King, who little did I know, was the advisor for FMLA and one of the most badass women this world has ever known. The next semester I had Intro to WMST with Gail Markle. Then there was Psychological Dynamics of Women's Health with Peggilee Wupperman, who is definitely on the top list of all time favorite teachers ever ever ever. The last day of class we actually brought her a C-U-N-T shirt, a feminist bracelet, and a notebook made and bought from FMLA. My next WMST class would be Feminist Thought with Dr. Aimee Berger, and that kicked my ass... I am also taking Dr. Sandi Spencer's Feminist Reading from Freidan to Faludi, which is teaching me so much about American feminism and its history. I also particularly enjoy a sociology teacher of mine, Starita Smith. My life so far in Women's Studies has given me the background, passion, and energy I have for feminism and feminist activism. I focus more on the activist side than the academic in my life... Through my WMST career, I have landed a spot going to the National Women's Studies Association Conference next summer, well that is if I get my shit together, hence this blog... My goal in life is basically to be Alice Paul and get the ERA passed... My plan is to work for a mainstream feminist activism organization. I've been told that some day I'll take over Ms. Magazine. I don't know about that. But it's a possibility, like everything else."


  • 2007 Women Breaking Barriers Award, Student Activities Center at the University of North Texas[3]

TEA Abortion Fund

In Jan. 2005, Gretchen Dyer, Samantha Sewell, Lena Glover, Merritt Tierce, Lulu Beall, and Erin Wackerla co-founded the Texas Equal Access Fund, an organization that raises funds in order to subsidize abortions for mothers who are low-income, or of an ethnic minority. In 2007 she worked as an intern for the TEA Fund. During this time she:[4]

  • Worked the intake hotline every Wednesday during the semester, responding to up to 20 callers on busy days
  • Assisted at two intake volunteer training sessions, and worked individually with volunteers to practice intake procedures
  • Designed and edited an intake manual for volunteer intake staff
  • Designed a newsletter
  • Worked on a major direct mail campaign, and organized volunteers to do so as well
  • Organized and hosted a fundraiser
  • Developed an initial draft of a board manual
  • Took part in a capacity building workshop in Washington, D.C. as part of a grant received by the TEA Fund
  • Participated in strategic planning and capacity building sessions with the strategic planning/capacity building team
  • Attended a play development workshop funded by a grant received by the TEA Fund
  • Participated in exploratory meetings for an educational program under development
  • Recruited 4 new board members

From 2008 - 2009 she worked as Executive Coordinator for the fund.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

From 2007 - 2008 Glover worked as a campus organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. During this time she developed and implemented a 2 semester grassroots organizing plan and established goals relating to that plan that included: measurable outcomes, appropriate data tracking, volunteer recruitment and retention, trainings for activists and volunteer leadership development. She worked with students, faculty, staff, and appropriate student and community groups to generate interest in choice issues and to establish a NPCT pro-choice presence on campus; Participate in monthly NARAL Pro-Choice America student trainings and conference calls; Report data collected from organizing work on campus to the NPCT staff through regularly scheduled phone calls, as well as through email.[4]

Annie's List

In 2008, Glover worked as a political consultant for Annie's List, an organization aiming to elect prochoice legislators in Texas.[4]

Paula Pierson Campaign

In 2008 Glover worked as Deputy Campaign Manager for State Rep. Paula Pierson's election campaign. While at the campaign, Glover assisted and reported to the Campaign Manager. She worked on many aspects of the campaign including field and volunteer coordinating and retention, gaining earned media, managing the office, answering phone calls, data entry, event staff, camerawoman, managing the Facebook page as well as other online networking accounts, voter outreach and get out the vote.[4]

From 2006 - 2010, Pierson received over $100,000 in donations from Annie's List.[5]


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