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Lisa Keder

Dr. Lisa Margaret Keder is an abortionist and OB/GYN practicing in Columbus, Ohio.

OSU Medicine

Lisa Keder received her MD from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in June of 1989.[1] Keder now serves as Division Director of OSU Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at OSU Medicine.[1] She has also received numerous teaching awards for Ohio State’s OB/GYN residency program.[1] Keder practices obstetrics and gynecology at Ohio State’s Stoneridge Medical Center, Dublin, Ohio.[2]

Professional Career

Keder has produced multiple academic publications. These include “Best Practies in Surgical Abortion,” published in 2003, and “Methotrexate and misoprostol for early abortion: a multicenter trial. I. Safety and efficacy,” published in 1996, for which infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller is listed as a co-author.[3]

Planned Parenthood

Keder performs abortions at Planned Parenthood’s East Columbus Health Center, formerly the Central Ohio Women’s Center, 3255 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH 43213. In 2012, Keder was involved in three botched medical abortions at the East Columbus Health Center.[4] Two of the three botched abortions required a dilation and curettage procedure as a result of the complications that arose.[4]

Transfer Agreement Requirements

Keder is a vocal opponent of laws requiring abortion facilities to have transfer agreements with local hospitals to transfer patients in the event of a medical emergency during an abortion procedure. On this topic, Keder said, “Hospitals can’t refuse care for people. If a patient presents with an emergency, a hospital is obligated to take care of that patient. Does that sound like a situation where you would need a transfer agreement?”[5] East Columbus Health Center, the Planned Parenthood facility where Keder performs abortions, has a transfer agreement with the OhioHealth Grant Medical Center[6]

Political Contributions

Keder is a frequent contributor to Democratic political candidates. Keder donated $2000 to John Kerry for President Inc. in 2004.[7] In 2006, Keder donated $750 to Friends of Sherrod Brown, and $250 to Shamansky for Congress Inc.[8] Keder gave $2000 to Obama for America and $250 to Kilroy for Congress in 2008.[9] In 2010, Keder supported Paula Brooks for Congress to the tune of $500, and also contributed $250 to Fisher for Ohio.[10] During the 2012 election cycle, Keder donated $1500 to Obama for America and $2000 to Friends of Sherrod Brown.[11]


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