Lloyd Geering

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Lloyd Geering

Rev. Prof. Lloyd Geering is a Professor of Religious Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. He was once tried and acquitted by the Presbyterian Church for heresy because he questioned the resurrection and the after life.[1]

Lloyd Geering believes that the World's population is unsustainable, and that those condemning clinical abortion are "sadly out of touch with present reality":[2]

"Until the 1950s the debate about human numbers remained largely academic. When artificial forms of contraception were coming into common use in the first half of the twentieth century, they were vigorously opposed by some on religious grounds. The debate was pursued purely on the basis of personal morality. Now that global population is reaching the limits of sustainability on the earth, contraception has become a social concern as well as a personal one. The traditional morality surrounding procreation and sexual relationships in the so-called free world is sadly out of touch with present reality: witness the Roman Catholic rejection of all artificial forms of contraception and the still widespread moral condemnation of clinical abortion."


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