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Lynda Angus

Praised Dame Margaret Sparrow

In a special feature in the May 2011 newsletter of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand entitled "Honouring Dame Margaret Sparrow", Lynda Angus, initial social work manager of Parkview Clinic, made the following statement honouring the former abortionist and president of ALRANZ:[1]

"I had the very good fortune to first meet Margaret Sparrow in 1980 when I was employed by Wellington Hospital Board to help set up Parkview Clinic,Wellington’s pregnancy counselling and termination service. This was set up during a time of great debate and activity on both sides of the abortion issue. a small team of dedicated doctors, nurses and social workers, supported (with some misgivings) by the hospital management, successfully set up a high quality service for women.While the clinic attracted significant opposition, it offered an excellent, uninterrupted, clinical and counselling service – due to the personal and professional commitment of those initial doctors, of whom Margaret Sparrow was one. Her networks and practice in the reproductive health field were hugely instrumental in ensuring the reputation and high standards of the clinic, for many many years."
"Another memory, amongst many over the years, was attending the party to celebrate Margaret’s 1000th vasectomy – we had a balls party – rum balls, meat balls, you get the picture."


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