Lynda Williams

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Lynda Williams

Women's Health Action Trust

Lynda Williams is a member of the Women's Health Action Trust.[1]

National Screening Unit

Lynda Williams is a member of the Technical Working Group for the National Screening Unit.[2]

National GDM Technical Working Party

As at 14 March 2008, Lynda Williams was a member of the National GDM Technical Working Party.[3]

Writing on Chadwick's Abortion Bill

In June 2008, Lynda Williams, Auckland Women's Health Council, writing for the Women's Health Action Trust's newsletter, reported on comments made by Labour Party MP Steve Chadwick at the Abortion Providers conference held in March 2008:[1]

"Abortion is such a moral and political hot potato it is unlikely that there will be change initiated by any government in the foreseeable future. At the Abortion Providers conference held in March 2008 Associate Minister of Health Steve Chadwick acknowledged that the CS&A Act needed changing but stated now is not the time to change it."


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