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The Lyndhurst Hospital is the largest abortion mill in the South Island of New Zealand. It is the provider for first trimester terminations of pregnancy for the women of Canterbury, Southland, and the West Coast of the South Island.[1]


Lyndhurst hospital is located in central Christchurch, at 440 Montreal Street. Opening hours are 8am to 4pm. They are publically funded and commit first trimester abortions, as well as providing assessment for second trimester abortions, which are subsequently performed at Christchurch Women’s Hospital. [2]

Earthquake Damage

Following the 22 February and 13 June earthquakes in Christchurch, it was decided that the Lyndhurst Abortion Business would not be reopening for the forseeable future. The clinic was moved in to Christchurch Public Hospital where abortions (including late term abortions) are already being committed. Ashburton Hospital is also equipped to carry out abortion should Christchurch Hospital be over-run by requests for abortions.


The number of first trimester abortions performed at Lyndhurst was 2330 in 2007, 2248 in 2004, and 2121 in 2003, showing a general upward trend.[3]



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