Margaret DeMoss

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Margaret DeMoss

Margaret W. DeMoss

Personal Life

Margaret DeMoss is the wife of Jim DeMoss who owns the DeMoss Company, a general contractor/construction manager which has operated in the North Texas market for over 30 years.[1]

Annie's List

In 2008, Margaret DeMoss made a donation to Annie's List in honor of prochoice hero Wendy Davis.[2] Annie's List is an organization aiming to elect prochoice legislators in Texas.

Planned Parenthood

Between 2000 - 2011, DeMoss, listing herself as a "community volunteer," made a donation to the Planned Parenthood of North Texas Action Fund.[3] The fund is a 501(c)(4) corporation of Planned Parenthood of North Texas, Inc.

DeMoss serves as Fort Worth co-chair for the Planned Parenthood of North Texas Capital Campaign which raised the funds for the Fort Worth Abortion Supercenter which is currently under construction.[4]

League of Women Voters

As at Nov. 2010, DeMoss was a member of the League of Woman Voters of Tarrant County.[5]

Donated to "Pro-Life" Congresswoman

Between January and March 2003, DeMoss donated a total of $750 to U.S. Congresswoman Kay Granger.[6] Granger represents Texas' 12th District. National Right to Life reported that Granger has voted "pro-life" 81% of the time.[7]

Community Involvement

Scenic Texas

Margaret DeMoss serves on the board of Scenic Texas, an organization that provides educational and resource materials to Texas cities that are establishing or revising ordinances that impact the streetscapes. The organization also supports urban forestry projects, tree planting and preservation initiatives, the creation of scenic roads and districts, the establishment and funding of parks and green space, the forestation of highways, and the preservation of historic areas.[8]


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