Margaret Hempel

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Margaret Hempel

Margaret Hempel is the director for Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice at the Ford Foundation.

Ford Foundation

Margaret Hempel is the Ford Foundation's director for Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice (SRHR).

Joining the Ford Foundation in 1990, Hempel worked first as a program officer and then as deputy director of the human development and reproductive health unit. She left the group in 1999. In 2008 she returned to direct the foundation’s SRHR work. In 2013, she assumed leadership of an expanded unit encompassing work on gender rights in addition to SRHR.

Hempel's portfolio focuses on advancing the rights of women and LGBT people; reducing discrimination based on gender, sexual or HIV/AIDS status; and ensuring that the priorities and leadership of women and young people who face multiple forms of social, economic and political exclusion are central to the advancement of policies and programs for sexuality and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Her team makes grants in Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, China, Indonesia, India and the United States.[1]

Women Deliver

On March 12, 2012, Margaret Hempel participated in the Women Deliver Rio+20 Review and Strategy Meeting hosted at the Ford Foundation offices in New York, New York.[2]

Ms. Foundation for Women

From April 1999 - September 2006, Hempel worked as Vice President of Programs at the Ms. Foundation for Women.[3]

American Jewish World Services

From September 2006 - Decembe 2008, Hempel worked as Vice President of Programs at American Jewish World Services.[3]


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