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Mary Smith, Feb. 21, 2012[1]

Mary E. Smith (nee Wilcox) (born Dec. 16, 1944) is an abortionist at the Southwestern Women's Surgery Center abortion business in Dallas, TX. She has worked as an abortionist since the early 1970s, working at Denton Health Services for Women and the Fairmount Center abortion businesses.

Personal Life

Mary Smith is married to Joseph A. Smith (born 07/17/48) and has two sons, Brian J. Smith (born 12/29/77) and Mark D. Smith (born 01/28/79). She attends the First United Methodist Church in Denton, TX.

When asked why she commits abortions, Smith responded,[2]

"I continue to do abortions after 25 years because the voices of gratitude and relief from my patients drown out the hatred and intolerance from the protesters outside. In the small still hours of the night I am at peace with myself and with God, who gave me this mission in life."


In 1971 Smith completed her degree at the Temple University Medical School.[3]

Testimony Re: TRAP Regulations

In 1999 Mary E. Smith, M.D., of Denton Health Services for Women in Denton, Texas, testified in court that so-called "Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers" (TRAP) regulations would make it impossible for her to continue giving abortions at that location. (She had closed her office by the time the case was heard on appeal.) Dr. Smith claimed she was the only abortion provider in her state north of Dallas and had drawn women in need of her services from as far away as Oklahoma.[4]


According to, Mary Smith is affiliated with the following hospitals:[3]

First United Methodist Church of Denton

Mary Smith attended the First United Methodist Church of Denton until 2007 where she sat under the teaching of Rev. Don Lee.[5] The church is a member of the United Methodist Church which is a pro-abortion protestant denomination.

Admitting Privileges

Mary Wilcox does not have admitting privileges at a local hospital.


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