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Medical Students for Choice
Unidentified students from MSFC

Medical Students for Choice Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) is an organization which aims to "ensure that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices" by working to make abortion a part of standard medical education and residency training. They believe that a big obstacle for safe and legal abortion is the lack of trained providers.[1]

According to their website, "MSFC encourages medical schools to include in their curricula: didactic instruction on the public health, social and historical context of abortion; medical and surgical abortion techniques; pre- and post-abortion management; pregnancy-options and contraceptive counseling; and the opportunity to observe abortion procedures, including pre-abortion counseling." [2]


A number of the following names are taken from LinkedIn:[3]

Board of Directors

  • Sarah White, third year medical student from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine[6]

Greater Philadelphia Area:

Activist Leaders Institute


The 2013 class of the Activist Leaders Institute[7]

Mecial Students for Choice's inaugural Activist Leaders Institute entitled "Uniting to Inspire Change" was held May 17th-18th in Atlanta, GA. MSC's website provided the following information on the event:

"As a pro-choice medical student and future physician you have the power to directly impact the lives of women. Join MSFC at our brand-new Activist Leaders Institute to learn how to leverage your personal passion, skills, commitment, and ultimate prestige as a physician to facilitate the possibility of reproductive freedom for all women. Admission to the Institute is highly competitive as space will be limited. MSFC believes strongly in everyone's potential as a leader and changemaker thus all participants will receive full funding to attend. Students from all specialties and degree programs are encouraged to apply!"


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