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The Medical Women's International Association (MWIA)


As at Aug. 2013, the following worked for the association:[1][2]


Regional Vice-Presidents

Committee Chairpersons

International Representations

  • Dr. Satty Gill Keswani, The Economic and Social Council of the UN; and The Department of Public Information (DPINGO), United Nations New York
  • Professor Padmini Murthy, The Economic and Social Council of the UN; and The Department of Public Information (DPINGO), United Nations New York
  • Dr. Iris Habitzel (Austria), United Nations Vienna (UNODC)
  • Dr. Clarissa Fabre (UK), WHO Geneva
  • Dr. Edith Schratzberger-Vécsei (Austria), European Women's Lobby
  • Dr. Waltraud Diekhaus (Germany), Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
  • Professor Afua Hesse (Ghana), World Medical Association
  • Dr. Gail Beck (Canada), World Medical Association
  • Professor Dr. Kyung Ah Park (Korea), World Medical Association

Young MWIA Executive Committee

Banned Scheduled Speakers from 2013 Conference

the altered schedule at MWIA

In an Aug. 1, 2013 press release, Professor Afua Hesse, President of MWIA stated,[3]

"MWIA strongly regrets the politicalization of women's reproductive health by listed speakers at our 29th International Congress of MWIA who would deny women their basic right to choice. As President I have intervened to ensure that there will not be such presentations that have no scientific merit and threaten women's reproductive rights and therefore do not belong at our triennial meeting."

The three women from the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians & Gynecologists (AAPLOG) who were scheduled to speak on Aug 1. were: Dr. Donna Harrison, ob-gyn; Dr. Mary Davenport, ob-gyn; and Dr. Martha Shuping, psychiatrist. The three had flown to Seoul for the meeting. Shortly before they were due to speak, they were informed their sessions would be cancelled.[4] The women had been invited months prior, to give lectures on complications of abortion. Donna Harrison’s presentation demonstrated that nations with laws protective of mothers and unborn babies have excellent maternal mortality statistics. Mary Davenport had a talk about abortion as a risk factor for preterm birth, the cause of 15 million neonatal deaths each year internationally. Martha Shuping had a presentation that included two case reports of women who suffered severe psychological harm from abortion, even though they had obvious risk factors that were not discussed in the informed consent process. It is worth noting that these risk factors were quoted from an abortion provider textbook endorsed by the National Abortion Federation.[5]

Mary Davenport reported on the events following the cancellation of the three women's presentations:[5]

"Our host Anna Choi, head of group of 680 Korean obgyn physicians who stopped doing abortions, had decided to set up a [TV interview] for us... Reporters started asking us questions about our presentation, allowing us an opportunity to talk about what we came to present. About 20 minutes into the interview, the Secretary General of MIWA burst into the room, came up to the table and said “What presentation is this?" Donna Harrison said “it’s not a presentation”. So she [asked] “Why are you being interviewed? At that point, the answers were left to Anna, our host. Anna said that this was a requested interview by the press. The SecGen then said “Who gave you permission to interview these people?” And the reporters said “We are the press, we don’t need anyone’s permission. We have freedom of the press”... The Secretary General stood in front of the camera, and refused to move, and said “The interview is over.” Then the reporters said “You can’t do this. We have the freedom of the press. You are interfering with the freedom of the press.” But the Sec Gen would not move and said “The interview is over.”...

The three womens' presentations can be viewed by clicking here.


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