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CHOICES - Memphis Center for Reproductive Health is an abortion facility in Memphis, Tennessee that commits abortions up to 15 weeks.


When it was founded by Priscilla Chism in 1974 as the Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, the facility provided free pregnancy testing, first trimester abortions, and counseling services. In addition, Choices helped establish the first program in the United States to provide counseling, gynecology, and forensics services around the clock to victims of sexual assault.[1]

Choices sees approximately 3,000 patients each year. Below is a list of services the facility states that it offers:[1]

  • adolescent reproductive health visits
  • adoption referrals
  • colposcopies
  • fertility assistance (including artificial inseminations)
  • HIV testing and referrals
  • reproductive health services for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • birth control
  • Gardasil vaccinations
  • lesbian and gay sexual health visits
  • transgender healthcare
  • first trimester surgical abortions
  • medical (RU486) abortions
  • training of medical students and advanced nurse practitioners
  • miscarriage management
  • comprehensive pregnancy options counseling



Choices staff in 2010

As at Oct. 29, 2013, the following worked at the facility:[2]

The following staff-members also work at the facility:[3]

  • J. Pepper
  • Danette B.
  • Vikita C.
  • Tara L.
  • Jen M.
  • Bonnie
  • Lee Ann
  • Maria
  • Jessica
  • Carla W.
  • Jayne
  • Olga
  • Karen
  • Willie
  • Sharon
  • Miranda
  • Ashley
  • Regina
  • Mary Jo
  • Meka
  • Danette

Former staff

Board of Directors

As at Oct. 29, 2013, the following served on the board:[1]


Choices is a member of the following groups:[4]

Contact Details


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