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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is one of twenty State Affiliates of NARAL Pro-Choice America.


As at Jan. 22, 2012, the following worked for the affiliate:[1][2]



NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation:

Men for Choice

Circa 2010, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas launched their "Men for Choice Club." The NARAL Pro-Choice Texas website made the following statement regarding the club:[3]

"With "choice" historically considered a woman's issue, the men who recognize reproductive rights as relevant to everyone - and thus prioritize them - are few and far between. It takes intelligence, integrity, perseverance, and courage to enter this fight and we are humbled by your support."

The following were listed as founding members of the club:[3]

State Rep. Mark Strama


2010 Monthly Sustaining Donors:[2]


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